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Engaged in the research, development, production and sales of optoelectronic devices, semiconductor devices, optical components, touch screen and liquid crystal display modules, mobile phones and computer backboard electronic products; Import and export business of all kinds of commodities and technologies; Industrial investment; House rental machinery and equipment rental property management with the lower limit branch business: optoelectronic devices semiconductor devices optical components touch screen and liquid crystal display module mobile phone and computer backboard electronic products production




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The cover of a phone

Product structure: 3D two-sided hot bending structure Processing technology: PVD coating + spraying Product color: red and blue gradient Remarks: Back cover

Process application

PVD coating: The target is bombarded with electrons or high-energy laser, and the surface components of the target are sputtered out in the form of atomic or ionic ions, and finally deposited on the surface of the product, undergoing a film formation process, and finally forming a film.



1. Solved the problem that 3D products can not be screen printed;

2. The color is gorgeous, the gloss is full, and the appearance is gorgeous. It is the first choice for most brand flagship machines on the market.


Application field

smart device

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